Your health is our no.1 priority
This is what drives us .

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Home Care

We offer Home care services where our team reaches out to customer at their comfort in their homes.

Drug Verification

We verify drugs and check their validity using Feyti Limited Drug verification technology to ensure our customers get the right drugs and at the right time.

Online Delivery

In this decade, the customer is mobile and so are we, we deliver to selected areas around Central Uganda and will be expanding to the rest of the country soon.

Key Areas

These are some of our key areas of expertise
You can trust us to deliver the best in these areas.

Home Based Care

We shall move to find you and build a calender to manage you scheduled access to medicines.

Anti Cancers

We have built a robust team to manage and provide anti-cancers to save more lives having known the current struggle for cancer patients.

COVID 19 Treatments

COVID-19 continues to be the no.1 threat gglobally to the healthcare system and we are very committed in the fight against it. We have ensured a well stocked facility for PPE , a delivery unit for the PPE and medicines and also are investingg in material to ensure the masses are knwodledgeable about the SOPs inorder to prevent its spread.

Our Partners

The teams we work with to bring you our amazing services

Silk Health Limited

Silk Health Limited is among the top manufactures of PPE in Uganda and is also a government consultant on health matter.

Feyti Limited

This is our technology partner and investor , enabling use digitally reach , collect data from customer and carry out Pharmacovigilance services i.e Drug verification and collection of adverse drug effects.

National Drug Authority

The National Drug Authority is the government-owned organisation in Uganda, mandated to regulate drugs in the country, including their manufacture, importation, distribution, and licensing.

Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health is the minsitry incharge of Health and Health Care related activities in the Government of Uganda.

Health Care Management

We offer tools and material to help customer better manage their healthcare
This is through our vast experience in the Tele-health Care industry